FA-LF100B-Dry Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer

Sample type:

  • sample


  • sample


  • sample

    whole blood

Product Advantage:

  • High Detection accuracy
  • High cost performance
  • Quality assurance
  • Fast delivery

Detailed Description

The analyzer is used in the immunofluorescence analysis of human samples, based on immunochromatographic dry reagent. It is used for professional in-vitro diagnostic test in medical institution only. It can be used in central laboratory, clinic laboratory, clinical department or other medical service center (community healthcare center, etc.), diagnostic center, research laboratory and so on.

Main features
● Repeatability: CV≤10%
● Stability: σ≤±8%
● Linear dependence: r≥0.97
● Accuracy: Δn≤±15%


Directions For Use

FALF100B  Point of care Immunoassay analyzer  Analyzer/CE/FSC/CFDA  1 Pcs
CTI-Z40XTroponin I testDeviceWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaCE/FSC/CFDA25Test/40Tests
CMY- Z40XMyoglobin testDeviceWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaCE/FSC25Test/40Tests
CCK- Z40XCK-MB testDeviceWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaCE/FSC25Test/40Tests
CMA-Z435Myoglobin/ CK-MB/cTnI Combo test kitDeviceWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaCE/FSC/CFDA25Test/40Tests
QCR-101CRP/HSCRP C-reactionprotein testDeviceWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaCE/FSC/CFDA25Test/40Tests
QCS-101HSCRP + SAA Combo testDeviceWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaCE/FSC25Test/40Tests
QNT-104NT-ProBNP N-terminal pro-Brain Natriuretic PeptideDeviceWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaCE/FSC/CFDA25Test/40Tests
QPC-102PCT  ProcalcitoninDeviceWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaCE/FSC/CFDA25Test/40Tests
IGE107Total IgE Immunoglobulin E testDeviceWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaCE/FSC/CFDA25Test/40Tests
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