FALF100C Quantitative Hair drug trace analyzer and tests

Sample type:

  • sample


Product Advantage:

  • High Detection accuracy
  • High cost performance
  • Quality assurance
  • Fast delivery

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Detailed Description

The analyzer is used with the Hair Drug Trace Test Kits produced by Hangzhou Laihe Biotech Co.,Ltd., to detect and analyze the fluorescence signal strength after reaction of the matching kits. It can be used in police department, Custom, diagnostic center, medical laboratory, physical examination center, clinic and so on.

Main features
● Repeatability: CV≤10%
● Stability: σ≤±8%
● Linear dependence: r≥0.97
● Accuracy: Δn≤±15%


Directions For Use

Code          Products          Format             Specimen        Certification       Package           
FALF100C Hair drug trace analyzer  Analyzer  / CE/FSC 1 PCS
HMO-101 MOP Morphine Test  Device  Hair CE/FSC 25Test/40Tests
HME-102 MET Methamphetamine Test  Device  Hair CE/FSC 25Test/40Tests
HKE-103 KET Ketamine test  Device  Hair CE/FSC 25Test/40Tests
HCO-105 COC Cocaine test  Device  Hair CE/FSC 25Test/40Tests
MDMA-106 MDMA Ecstasy test  Device  Hair CE/FSC 25Test/40Tests
HDOA-407 MET/MOP test  Device  Hair CE/FSC 25Test/40Tests
HDOA-408 MET/KET test  Device  Hair CE/FSC 25Test/40Tests
HDOA-408 MET/MOP/KET test  Device  Hair CE/FSC 25Test/40Tests
HOXY-409 OXY Oxycodone test  Device  Hair CE/FSC 25Test/40Tests
HBZO-410 Benzodiazepines Test  Device  Hair CE/FSC 25Test/40Tests
HPCP-411 PCP Phencyclidine Test  Device  Hair CE/FSC 25Test/40Tests