Cannabis (THC) Testing, One of the Drug Tests

Cannabis is a hallucinogen derived from cannabis flower. Inhalation is its main method of use. Inhalation of large doses in drug users can have effects on the central nervous system, mood changes and behavioral disorders, short-term memory loss, anxiety, paranoia, depression, confusion, and increased heart rate.

When cannabis is absorbed by the human body, the drug is metabolized by the liver, and its main metabolites are: 11-nor-△9THC-9-carboxylic acid and glucuronide. Therefore, the presence of cannabis can be proved by detecting its carboxyl group and glycosylation products in urine.

LYHER THC Rapid Test detect evidence of Cannabis use, and is most often performed on a person’s urine sample, but blood, saliva and hair samples may also be used. The test can be used for various purposes, such as medical screening and employment testing.

The purpose of testing includes:
 Medical Screening: Although screening inpatients for drug use is uncommon, marijuana testing can be used to evaluate patients in specialized medical settings, such as psychiatric care and substance use treatment programs.
 Employment Testing: Workplaces may require applicants to be tested for marijuana and other drug use. There are some workplaces where these tests are required by law, such as safety and security-sensitive industries.
 Military Testing: The Department of Defense requires random drug testing of members of the military. Drug testing can also be ordered at other times, including when the commander believes that a certain military member is using the drug or after a safety issue or accident occurrs.
 Athlete testing: Drug testing may also be required for professional athletes.
 Legal and forensic testing: Testing for marijuana and other drugs may be conducted in court cases or investigations. For example, drug testing can provide evidence of crimes such as child abuse or child endangerment.

Cannabis test is evidence of cannabis use. Cannabis remains detectable for days, weeks or months after use. The length of this detection window depends on the amount and frequency of drug use, as well as the type of sample.

LYHER THC Rapid Test can quickly and effectively detect whether the sample contains drugs, and the result can be read within 5 minutes from sample addition.

The negative cannabis test result indicates that the tested cannabinoid or metabolite was not found in the test sample. Such results may have occurred because the patient has not used cannabis, used cannabis for a time outside the testing window, or the level of the drug is below the cut-off level for a positive test result. The positive cannabis test result indicates that cannabinoid or metabolite has been detected in the test sample. The positive drug test result requires additional confirmation testing in a laboratory.

Post time: Jun-06-2022
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