Enter the US market | Lyher drug detection products obtain FDA (510k) registration certificate

LYHER® Urine Marijuana (THC) Test Kit (Strip/Cassette) and LYHER® Urine Multi-Drug Test Kit(Cup/Cassette/Dipcard) are 510(k) approved by U.S. FDA.
Drug of abuse has become a global public health problem and a serious social problem. These two FDA 510k approved products from Hangzhou Laihe Biotech Co.,Ltd contain a variety of combinations and forms, which can be flexibly applied to different drug abuse screening scenarios.
Urine Multi-Drug Test Kit focus on some of the most common drugs listed by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration and can be used for preliminary qualitative detection of AMP/OPI/COC/THC/MET/PCP in urine. Urine Marijuana (THC) Test Kit is mainly focused on single-item urine testing of marijuana. In areas where marijuana is legalized, more testing needs may arise.

The acquisition of these two certificates marks the official entry of the Laihe’s main drug testing series products into the U.S. market, helping the company to explore the U.S. drug home self-testing and POC testing market, and is also a milestone for Laihe to further expand the international market.
Laihe will be committed to introducing more drug testing series products to the U.S. market, further improve the product matrix, gradually implement and steadily promote the established strategy, and ensure deep development, refinement and strength in the fields of infectious disease and drug testing.

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