What is POCT?

POCT is a fast-growing segment of the in vitro diagnostic industry that allows for easy and fast testing at the patient’s side, reducing the sample transfer process and shortening the reporting time. Compared with traditional department or laboratory diagnosis, POCT retains the core steps of “sampling-analysis-quality control-result output”, which reduces the diagnosis time to a large extent, and requires more flexible testing space. The operator can be a non-professional examiner, or even the subject himself.

The technical superiority of POCT is as follows:
(1) simple operation, no need for professional staff
(2) Fewer steps in the testing process, rapid test results
In the past conventional diagnosis, part of the time was spent on sample transportation, sample labeling, sample data entry and distribution, while the response and result interpreting time accounted for a low percentage. In contrast, POCT takes only a few minutes to obtain test results.
(3) Individualized testing
POCT can be used to perform targeted tests for each patient with different diseases.
(4) Portable instruments and reagents
(5) A wide range of applications

Post time: Jun-17-2022
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