WHO Approval-LYHER Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Antigen Test Kit

On 10th July, LYHER Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Antigen Test Kit(Colloidal Gold) has been listed in the WHO EUL, which is a recognition of Laihe's production system and quality assurance, and greatly encourages Laihe's confidence in continuing to lay out the field of rapid testing for respiratory virus infections.

Laihe is committed to become a complete solution expert of rapid diagnostic reagents for respiratory diseases, and the matrix of respiratory rapid test products is being steadily improved. In addition to COVID-19 products, Laihe has also obtained EU CE registration certificates for many other respiratory products, such as LYHER COVID-19 and Influenza A/B Antigen Test Kit for self-testing, Respiratory Multiple Rapid Test (COVID-19/FluA/FluB/RSV/Adeno) and so on. Rapid tests for influenza, RSV, parainfluea, rhinovirus, adenovirus, streptococci and other respiratory related diseases are also in the process of actively promoting the filing of the IVDR and the WHO registrations.

WHO EUL产品清单SARS-CoV-2_Approved_IVDs-1
WHO通过信 23 07 11 IP 23 07 10 EUL 0603-226-00 EUL complete and listing_df_页面_1

Post time:Jul-18-2023
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