Biz bilan bog'lanish


Biz bilan bog'lanish

Hangzhou Laihe Biotech Co., Ltd.


Xona 401-406, F1-3, 1-bino, №425 Miaohouvan yo'li, Xixing ko'chasi, Binjiang tumani, Xanchjou, Chjejiang PR Xitoy


Faks: +86-0571-8665 8000

+ 86-0571-8765 3090


Pekin vaqti: 8:30 dan 17:30 gacha

London vaqti: 0:30 dan 9:30 gacha

Sidney vaqti: 11:30 dan 20:30 gacha

Nyu-York vaqti: 8:30 dan 5:30 gacha

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